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INSPIRALIA and m27 signed a cooperation agreement


m27 is going to expand further in Horizon 2020 segment and has therefore signed a cooperation agreement with Inspiralia - a very qualified partner who has alreday won a lot of successful Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects.

Based on this cooperation we are able to offer our clients a significant added value.

They are also very experienced in the field of project submission for big enterprises and research based organizations like FTI (=Fast Track 2 Innovation) program and cooperative projects. All those succesful activities are based on experience of the last 25 years and of course of their well educated staff.

We are really happy to have such a successful partner with us on board to support our clients with excellence in their EU submissions.

The following graph shows typical process of an EU submission inside SME-instrument with support of INSPIRALIA:

So following typical phases for acitivites & deliverables in a Phase 1 submission inside SME-instrument would be:

During execution of a Feasibility Study with following submission for a Phase 2 project inside SME-instrument would be next steps:

In conenction with „Horizon 2020“-projects, Inspiralia offers also project management with includes of:

  • timely submission of project porposal
  • negotiations with EU comission for Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • monitoring & controlling of project development (Milestones) within the project phase during Phase 2 (time, workpackages, deliverables and contract requested documentation)
  • management of Participant Portal (Partnerinformation, regularely reports &  submission)
  • managment consultancy (used techniques & principales, communication with European Comission)
  • financial management (own developed solutions)
    • cost justification and balance sheets
    • budget follow-up
  • support during necessary contract changes (not partner switch!)
  • financial and administrative support

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact our colleague Javier Calvet-Stoffel, BA (javier.calvetstoffel@m27.eu, +43 1 533 1090 22)