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EU grants in Poland from 2014 up to 2020


In the current funding period 2014-2020 Poland is 82.5 billion euros the biggest beneficiary among all EU members. In addition, the allocation of resources, and also ordered the application process was easier. Funding in the new EU budget are for a wider range of activities - compared to Austria - provided. This includes innovative investment projects, R & D projects, the purchase of R & D infrastructure, revitalization of and investment in environmental protection and renewable energy.

Although Poland was among the first EU member states, which have the partnership agreement for the next financial period 2014-2020 lashed with Brussels, the negotiations draw to the details of individual programs in the length. We of course keep you happy with the current events in the loop.

The main programs include:

  • Poir (Intelligent Development)
  • POIS (Infrastructure and Environment)
  • POPW (Development of Eastern Poland as a region)
  • RPO (Regional programs); In addition to the different areas in Poland a major focus of the national government is on the provinces of Silesia and Malopolska

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