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Research Bonus “Forschungsprämie NEU”


What is the research premium “Forschungsprämie NEU” about?

For more than a year the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is involved in the process concerning the research premium „Forschungsprämie NEU” checking whether applications meet the requirements necessary for project or annual reports. The premium can be claimed for new products as well as significant improvements or enhancements or for new production processes. In case of a contract research it is possible to claim a research premium of up to EUR 100.000,-.

However, the process must be completed at the latest by the time the notification of corporate income tax enters into force. Therefore you should seek advice in time.


  • Higher allocable elements for the past year (costs and projects)
  • Lot of untapped potential especially in indirect costs as well as in the identification, selection and structuring of projects attributable to the company
  • Construction of the structure during the year (for the current marketing year)
  • Documentations which are necessary in order to collect data during the year. What is important is the quality of the data and a simple and easy standard mode which provides a firm basis for the documentation during the year, the end of the year as well as for a potential tax inspection.

Services of M27

  • Selection of suitable (promising) R&D projects
  • Preparation of the project description, which especially takes into account the technical basis and aspects of the project
  • Work concerning the relatable cost-bases of the topic areas
  • Support with the documentation of the projects

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact our expert Mr Jerzy Kucharko (+43 1 533 10 90 – 21 or jerzy.kucharko@m27.eu).