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SME bonds – Roadshow on the 01.10.2014 + 02.10.2014


No open time slots anymore on both days!

For 2 hours each our German partner, Mr. Peter-Thilo Hasler, will be available for personal meetings in order to discuss the specific requirements, qualifications and time periods. Mr. Hasler has been active in the field of SME bonds for several years and is looking forward to share his knowledge and competences.

Unfortunately, this time all available “time slots” are already taken. However, we will try to organise further “road shows” according to the forecast demand.

If you have any further questions regarding debenture loans or convertible debt securities please contact our expert Mr. Mag. Peter F. Baumgartner (peter.baumgartner@m27.eu, +43 (1) 533 10 90 – 12) because the frequently quoted fact of the past weeks and months …

“… The middle class needs measurements against the credit squeeze. Financing possibilities for Austrian SMEs became more difficult in the past years. By now everybody has noticed the stricter financing conditions for the Austrian middle class; however, nothing has changed so far and there is also the danger that the credit squeeze acts more and more as a drag for the economy. …”

... should not affect your business or necessary investments for future challenges!