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Accounting for funding: Managed Service


R&D-intensive companies may gain valuable time regarding the annual financial statement and the description for the research bonus. This facilitates settlements and evaluations considerably.

The evaluation of research and funding projects is complex and consists of different aspects. Everybody who offers equity capital has his/her own evaluation criteria (from the preparation of the balance sheet up to the settlements with the funding agency), which will be followed up closely by auditors.

The new Managed Service by accounting for funding allows for those different aspects to be prepared in a very audit-proof and clear way. Additionally the information will be available all year round.

The Managed Service concept – the main business model of accounting for funding – offers customers to invest only one week for any efforts necessary within a timeframe elected by themselves. Since the system is available via internet, the IT department will not be burdened with the system configuration. Customers may rent the service without risk at a price less than the money they get back via the research bonus. Moreover, this service is mostly eligible for funding and therefore does not burden the returned research bonus -a double advantage.

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