Excellence in Corporate Finance.

M27 – your growth companion

The good thing is: To set up a company or promote its growth, you do not need to be a financing expert. You can simply trust in our expert knowledge and calmly concentrate on your core business.

At the start of the consulting process, we acquire a clear idea of your plans. For this purpose, we vigorously scrutinise your project idea. This is the only way that we can ensure that you ultimately have a "thoroughly financed" and viable solution in order to implement your idea successfully.

Knowledge transfer secures consulting quality

In order to maintain an overview with the large number of subsidy and financing opportunities, intensive familiarisation with the market and continuous effort to keep our finger on the pulse in terms of information are required. The more than 50 consultants of M27 use innovative methods and instruments. In the process, sustainable quality assurance is constantly updated through presentation series and close cooperation with universities and universities of applied science as well as through the internal M27 Academy. This advance in knowledge of OURS makes YOU a winner.

M27 growth companion