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Recap: Inspiralia Business Partner Summit 2020


Sharing best practices, catching up on relevant business developments and aligning the strategies was the aim of gathering Inspiralia Groups international network of business partners together in one place during 29th and 30th January 2020 in Madrid.

Beyond sharing what has been accomplished in 2019, the major objectives for 2020 were reveiled. Fruitful experiences and ideas were shared and everyone was willing to communicate their ideas for improving operations and expanding the business across countries.

A big topic during the two days was the presentation of the new Inspiralia Group Digitalized Financial Services and the associated GRECA platform. With this platform it is possible to help companies in finding investors as well as helping investors finding companies to invest through a high quality and sophisticated automated matching algorithm.

All Business Partner had a fantastic and fruitful meeting with lots of fun, contributing to the fundaments to strengthen the future cooperation. A strong relationship is paramount to the mutual success in the years ahead.

Under the following link, there are the photos of the event: