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Recap: Business Partner Meeting 12.09.2019 - Vienna


For the Inspiralia Group it is important to meet with its business partners from around Europe to give updates and discuss future plans several times a year. The main topics at the meeting on 12.September 2019 were the changes in H2020 and m27 presenting the new Inspiralia Group Digitalized Financial Services. It is always exciting to meet with the business partners to exchange information and ideas, as well as hear feedback. This business partner meeting organized by m27 in Vienna was no exception with business partners attending from several countries including Iceland, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

During the morning session Christian Frey the NCP for European and International Programmes at the Austria Research Promotion Agency (FFG) held a very interesting and informative presentation about the EIC-Pilot and Blended Finance. This was followed by a presentation by Laila Aoufi, who in turn introduced the business partners to Inspiralia Groups strategy for selling the Accelerator+.

One of the highlights of the day was m27 presenting the new Inspiralia Group Digitalized Financial Services and the associated GRECA platform. With this platform it is possible to help companies in finding investors as well as helping investors finding companies to invest through a high quality and sophisticated automated matching algorithm.

After a short coffee break two m27 clients presented their projects and described their collaboration with m27. They also shared their thoughts on how Inspiralia Group Digitalized Financial Services could have helped in the realization of their project, and agreed that the new GRECA platform would make collaboration m27 on future projects even easier and more efficient.

The morning was all about Sales and how a company can use Inspiralia Group Digitalized Financial Services and thus simplify the implementation and financing of his project. For the afternoon m27 had planned something completely different, a panel discussion with a selection of investors who are collaborating of have been collaborating with m27.

The idea behind it was that business partner could get an idea what real investors think about the GRECA platform and to demonstrate that the data needed by the database for matching (eg. ticket size, regions, technologies etc.) are exactly the data investors pay most attention to when choosing an investment project.

The individual investors have very different criteria that an investment project has to fulfil, so are the ticket size and the maximum investment amount different for everyone and also the decision about which industry or technology filed to invest is different for everyone, some have preferences others are open for everything.

One thing has become clear however, the majority of investors are interested in investing in companies in Austria or close to it, with only two of them, considering investments in the Nordic region for example.

All in all, the day was very informative and instructive for the participants. In-depth questions were then discussed in a relaxed atmosphere at a dinner with a view over the rooftops of Vienna.

Under the following link, there are the photos of the event: