Excellence in Corporate Finance.

Subsidy consulting

Thanks to our permanent systematic consideration of the complex subsidy landscape (regional, national and EU levels), we are able to generate the optimum support in the financing of your ideas at any time.

We see subsidies as important to the implementation of ideas and plans. Here, we work closely with the state, parastatal and private structures (both at national level in Austria and regional bodies for additional funding and of course also EU subsidy programmes – Horizon 2020).

Subsidies enable your company to minimise risks that go hand-in-hand with the implementation of future-orientated ideas and measures. The financial risk, in particular, is reduced for the long term!

We analyse your projects and ideas for:

  • Eligibility for subsidisation
  • Compliance with formal criteria
  • Creation of a plan submission
  • Preparation of the documents in cooperation with the customer
  • Coordination of compliance with deadlines
  • Communication with the subsidising bodies – we are your outsourced subsidy team

If necessary, we support you both in the implementation of the project – project management – and after the submission as well as pledged subsidisation and – if desired – also with the final settlement.

Talk to us – more things are eligible for subsidisation than you think!

The biggest challenge in applying for subsidies is not only identifying the correct subsidy, but also ensuring compliance with the formal criteria (e.g. de minimis rule, restrictions due to the size of the company, etc.) and having sufficient resources available for the complex and time-consuming application.