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GRECA - Digitalized Financial Services



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GRECA will be the first Network As A Service (NAAS) democratizing M&A management. GRECA stands for GRowth, Equity and Commercial Alliances. The target is to digitalize the financing process.

The GRECA platform helps:

  • to reach international scalability
  • to implement “Pay-per-Use” transactions
  • the Digitalization of our services

About the GRECA Marketplace

  • A corporate marketplace to join advisors, sellers and buyers
  • Blend of public & private funds
  • Qualified Rating Assessments and Company Evaluations
  • Al supported matchmaking
  • Standardized documentation
  • Significantly reducing corporate transaction processes time-span
  • Granting access to a vast marketplace of international projects
  • Ensure qualified Deal Flow
  • Enable Co-Investor Matchmaking
  • Enabling Exit support to investors
  • Advisor onboarding


Assessment & Match Making Before Contract

Before entering a contractual relationship with our clients, we analyse the company data creating a Rating Assessment Classic Report (RASC Report). The whole process starts only if the company receives anInvestment Grade of at least B or higher. In addition, the collected data allows us to perform a first Match Making with our network of investors. GRECA’s automated Matching Algorithm helps to find compatible investors for companies and vice versa. The results are shown in a systematic Match Making Report and help to assess the chances of a successful collaboration. This results in a qualified deal-flow for investors and a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Investment Package

If the RASC is at least B+ and there are matching Investors in our network, we can onboard the company to the platform and offer our services. One of our experienced teams consisting of a Financial Analyst and Project Manager will ideally prepare the company for the investors talks and will establish the standardized documentation required for the GRECA. 

The quality of the investors, AI-supported matchmaking and a detailed analysis of the business case, together with an experienced team are the key for successful project implementation and increase the chances to secure private funding significantly for our clients.


  • Effective Documentation:
    • Factsheet
    • Pitch Deck
    • Review of the business plan considering the future business case and financial alternatives
    • Rating Assessment Classic Report (RASC)

  • Financials:
    • Financial Model based on an Assumptions template
    • Company Valuation methodologies:
    • Discounted Cash Flow
    • Multiples
    • Other qualitative valuations (included in the RASC)
    • Definition of appropriate financing structure

  • Investors’ Approach:
    • Investors Long-list: min 6 + 3 additional investors, if necessary
    • Organizing meetings between interested investors & company
    • Data Room for file sharing
    • Support during Negotiation Process, if requested:
    • Potential Letter of Intent & Memorandum of Understanding
    • Term Sheets

For further information please don't hesitate to contact our Senior Consultant Lukas Rieder (+43 (1) 533 10 90 - 15; lukas.rieder@m27.eu).